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About Us

The SP8TIUM Story

You don’t become leaders in tool provision without determination, commitment, and the drive to secure better-quality products. That’s how it is here at Sp8tium, we are a UK based company you can trust.

Sp8tium was conceptualised through a labour of love. Our founder was not happy with the lack of quality tools available at good prices to tradesmen.

After extensive research and speaking to various skilled tradesmen we set out to change this, making it easier for everyone from the professional plumber to the home handyman to get the tools they need to do the job well.

We aim to be sellers of distinction, in the UK and around the world. We provide quality service to everyone from professional contractors to the DIY crazed. We have kitted out those that kit out your homes, your offices and even your cars.

Without Sp8tium, tradesmen and women would be at a loss for high-quality tools from an honest supplier. We’re delighted with our hard-earned reputation as a tool store to be trusted. We hope we can earn that same trust from each and every customer, from the largest construction company down to the lowliest learner… you will always get the high standard associated with the Sp8tium name.

Our Mission…

The Sp8tium mission is to deliver high-quality, long-lasting, effective tools to our clients. We strive to stock better and better tools with every visit to our suppliers. We aim to become synonymous with integrity in the world of tool sales.

We are dedicated to excellence, starting with their customer service standards. As such, a large part of our mission involves creating a customer-centric workspace, where the consumers needs are anticipated and tended to, without delay.

The Future of Sp8tium

We passionately believe in the provision of both exceptional customer service and durable, quality products. Moving forward, we will continue to honour our commitment to both

We are constantly striving to be industrious and innovative in our products. We will focus on providing products that bring our customers the solutions they need. Customer needs have always been, and will always be, our topmost priority.

Although we are a small company, we do aim to keep growing as the years progress. We are motivated to make this happen through honest hard work and effort.

In the coming years, we aim to broaden our product list. Our categories include power tools, hand tools, garden tools and storage boxes. These leave us large amounts of scope to increase the tools we sell.