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Why Should I Buy Wera Tools?

Tools are an essential part of life. Whether you require tools professionally, as a hobbyist, or just need to fix a squeaky door, we all require tools at one point or another. Finding the best tools can be a bit of a challenge, especially in today’s over saturated market. With several selections, both individual and bundled, Wera offers premium tools for any job. Still not convinced. Here are a few more reasons you should buy Wera tools.

WERA 6004 Joker M Self-Setting Spanner

WERA 6004 Joker M Self-Setting Spanner

New ideas for fresh problems

Wera tools, originally based in Germany, have proven to be a leader in the tool design and supplies. Globally recognized as a premier company, Wera has branched from their headquarters, franchising their business within the United States.

Wera focus on creating new ways of tackling a problem from simple jobs to the more complex. Screwdriving tools may be attached to a ratchet or a wrench to maximize the functionality of the tool.

When multiple tools are required, the diversity of tools is quite impressive. Wera offers over 3000 different tools, ensuring that there is a tool for every need which arises. Their innovation and dedication to seeking new solutions to problems has helped them get the German Design award and the Reddot award.

Wera 870/4/7 Set A Socket Adapter Set

Wera 870/4/7 Set A Socket Adapter Set

Rebel Tool building

Unique to Wera tools is ‘Tool Rebel’. The concept is that they do not conform to the standards but think outside of the box. Tools developed with the tool rebel mentality are to be incredible. While every member of Wera tools is passionate about tools, the over 750 professional “team Rebel” members are an elite group who help to drive the quality and the innovation of the tools forward. If the group name sounds a bit like Rock-n-Roll, you are not alone in this thought. The company specifically has catered the look and feel of their tools to have this association. Who said that tools cannot have an attitude?

Quality Tools Every Time

While it is important to have a team that is dedicated to tools, it is more important that the tools which are produced are to the top level of quality standards. Wera tools are manufactured with quality in mind. Tools such as the Wera 6004 Joker XS Self-Setting Spanner withstand dropping and high stress. Even when using swivels and joints in the design, the tools are tested for durability, craftsmanship, and usability.

Tools which require multiple materials are crafted so that they feel good in the hand. Screw drivers are available in both a comfort handle made from Krafform Ergonomics and in the harder wooden handle series. With the wooden handle option, Wera has ensured the durability by having a high impact cap and a pound-thru blade.

Wera 6004 Joker XS Self-Setting Spanner

Wera 6004 Joker XS Self-Setting Spanner


Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce

Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce



Having a tool which can do the entire job is an asset to any tool bag. Wera tools has focused on creating multiple series of tools which can do just that. Specifically, the Kompakt kits offered by the company offer 16 different profile options, have the Kraftform fit, with gears made from maintenance-free steel. Because the tools are adaptable, it is understood that the tool will need to be placed down at one point or another to switch out the tips. With competitor products, this could be a problem as most tools will roll. However, most of Wera’s tools are designed with anti-roll of design. Further increasing the desirability of the tool is rapidator technology for quickly switching out the profiles as necessary.

Wera 6003 Joker 5 Set 1 Combination Wrench Set

Wera 6003 Joker 5 Set 1 Combination Wrench Set

Not just a company of tools

Wera is a tool company, but that does not mean that they are only focused on individual and bundle tools. They also offer accompaniments to those of us who already have several tools in our toolbox. This is true for ratchet sets. Focusing on the standard size ratchet, Wera offers both sockets and socket adapter sets. Sets are easy to carry, not contained in bulk and cumbersome containers. When necessary, sets may offer pivoting storage so that you can easily open and access the parts you require for your job without the need to go back and forth between containers.

There are 30 different profiles which are available for bits, holders, and adapters. This again goes to show the diversity of the brand and their commitment to providing solutions to every problem which one may face on a project. Bits, holders, and adapters are impact proof, inox stainless, diamond coated, bittorsion/torsion, and easy to use with either Wera tools or existing compatible tools.

With so many options to choose from, it is hard to imagine a situation where a Wera tool would not be a benefit.

Beyond the tool

If you have a Wera tool and want to have it tested, then the labs in Sanborn will be happy to calibrate and ensure the calibration competence of your tool. Torque tools can be only as good as the reliability of the torque. As part of Wera’s service package, not only do they offer calibration of your tool, but if needed, they will adjust or replace defective components.

Wera has a lifetime guarantee on their tools. Wera states that “All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage because of defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product.” Consumable products such as the bits and the L-keys are not covered under the warranty. However, with the quality of the construction of the bits and L-keys you can expect them to last awhile before needing replacement.

Should you buy Wera tools?

If you are looking for precision tools which have an award-winning reputation for delivering the best product to their clients, then Wera is for you. If you have a Rock-n-Roll spirit and want to include your profession, hobby, or crafting tools into that vein, then Wera tools are for you. Built with the consumer in mind, uniquely moderm, made to last, and with a lifetime guarantee, the question is not should you buy Wera tools, but why would you not.

 You can shop our entire Wera collection here

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