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Knipex Cobra 87 01 125 Review - Sp8tium

Knipex Cobra 87 01 125 Review

The ability to use a tool quickly and efficiently is what makes an object effective. Whether you are attempting to fix a faucet or trying to thread a wire through a small lag eye screw, having the right tool to help you with the job is the key in getting the job done right and in the right amount of time. The Knipex Cobra 8701 125 Hightech Water Pump Plier is such a tool. Designed to be small but to have the versatility of several tools, it is worth having in the toolbox.  Specifically, the tool has a gripping capacity of 27 mm for nuts and 29 mm for pipes, allowing for most of the standard sizes of nuts and pipes to fall within this range. Thirteen positions are available within the pump pliers to ensure that there is no slippage when tightening or loosing unlike other instruments which rely solely upon the user’s grip strength and the nose of the piler.

Key features of the Knipex Cobra Water Pump Plier

Apart from the thirteen different opening sizes which can easily be achieved, there are several key features for this tool. Firstly, the tool is small enough to fit in the pocket, an ideal feature for those who must get work done but do not have the space to carry a large satchel of tools.

The overall length is 125mm with a weight of about 85g. The pliers are grey atramentized with hardened teeth approximately 61 HRC.  Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, multistage oil hardened material design ensures that the metal does not bend or break easily when applied to heated surfaces or that the friction causes weaknesses within the tool. With some other tools, the oil-hardening method is not used.

This gives those tools a higher risk of internal weaknesses within the grain which over time will cause the tool to become compromised. Oil-hardening ensures that there are no warps or bends within the handle which could cause discomfort when using.  Additionally, this allows for a lightweight construction but an extraordinary durability. Secondly, the Knipex Plier has a push button adjustment feature. This feature allows for the user to quickly change between the various points of adjustment with one hand. This is critical in some situations where the operator, for example, must keep the pipe steady while fastening the locking flange.

Functionality Features

Pinching risks are reduced with the pinch guard. Handles are coated with a comfortable plastic, helping to reduce the strain and any digging into the palm that typical pliers will do, especially if using the tool on a problematic fastener or nut.  The plastic also serves as a guide for proper placement of the hand, further reducing the risk of pinching while at the same time maximizing the functionality and effectiveness of the tool. The plastic coving extends over the ends of each arm of the plier giving it a rounded, nonabrasive surface for the user, as opposed to handles which have the metal exposed and could potentially cause rough corners or handle ends to dig into the palm when in use.

The nose of the plier when closed has a diamond-like grip pattern. This design feature allows for easy gripping of smaller objects instead of pliers which have the grip teeth straight across. Because of diamond shape, as well as the one-handed overall functionality design of the Knipex Cobra Hightech Water Pump Plier, the operator has less of a risk of slippage or of dropping small objects when using the device.

To further ensure the grip strength of the tool, the Knipex has a self-locking mechanism for pipes and nuts. No hand force is needed. This functionality feature is designed to allow a wider age range of users. Those who, either by age or by the inability to exert hand force, are able to operate the tool without strain or the frustrations which may be present in using other similar tools.

Due to the size, it has been stated that the Knipex Plier is more like an extension of the hand rather then a tool which feels awkward in the hand. Extending a finger to pin a screw, nut, or trying to pinch a wire can result in injury, especially when involving thin metal surfaces or heated surfaces. Yet, with the push button functionality of the plier, the user gets the feeling of an extended finger without injuring any appendages.

A practical tool

Overall, the Knipex Cobra Water Plump Plier is a practical tool for both the professional as well as the hobbyist. It is lightweight, durable, easy to operate, and affordable. The tool eliminates the necessity for either the professional or the hobbyist to have several different pliers present when performing a task with capacities for nuts maximized at 27mm and pipes at 29mm.

When ordering your Knipex Cobra Hightech Water Pump Plier, reference the part number 87 01 125.

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