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Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 180mm Review - Sp8tium

Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 180mm Review

When it comes to lighting and small electrical repairs, having a pair of wire strippers is essential to being able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 180mm accomplishes this. Combining the necessity as well as providing wire cutting functionality, the tool is needed for any hobbyist, professional, or handyman’s toolbox. Lightweight, durable, and versatile for most small electrical projects, the Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper proves to be an asset to anyone’s toolbag.

Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper Functionality Features

One of the first things which will be noted is the hand comfort of the Knipex Wire Stripper. The Automatic Wire Stripper is made of fiberglass and reinforced with red plastic. Because of the plastic reinforcement, users will have less strain upon the hands as well as a lower risk of slippage in the hand when in use. The overall design key feature of the Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 180mm is the tools head. A focus on being able to access hard to reach areas, such as junction boxes or electrical outlets located close to sheathing and stud, as well as a self-adjusting wire stripping main feature, gives the user the ability to perform small electrical work with ease.

The overall design was envisioned to maximize the ease of wire stripping and cutting while at the same time reducing the common problems that people generally have when using a pair of wire strippers. Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Cutters self-adjusts to the wire size. This eliminates the need for the user to constantly go back and forth or align the wire with the standard sized hole (as seen on other wire strippers) to perform the task.

Beyond the ability to just strip wires, the Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper has a wire cutter for Cu and Ai conductors up to 2.5mm. This feature is located on the top of the tool, minimizing any need for an additional tool. For those who have ever had the misfortune of having to access a tight space only to have to put the tool down and grab another tool before being able to use the strippers, will be pleased with this feature.

Construction Key Design Features

Design of the Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire stripper 180mm has a housing made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Blades on the tool are kept sharp due to the oil-hardened special tool steel. The cutter self-adjust for length stops between 6mm to 18mm. Primarily, the Knipex wire stripper is oriented for wires of copper and aluminum with specific design features in place to protect the finely stranded conductors. Unlike competitor brands, the blades of the snipper can be interchanged if desired.

Overall weight is kept light, weighing only 151g. Taking into consideration that the dimensions are 180 x 75 x 21 mm, it is easily seen how the glass fibre body lends to this lightweight. Note the way in which the head narrows. This is a deliberate design feature. Because the device tapers at the head, the Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper can fit into places which other wire cutters cannot. It should be noted that the red depth slider needs to be set when using the tool. However, this is not a tiresome process. Simply push the slider forward or back.

To use the Knipex Cable Strippers, simply align the wire with the blades. The tool self-adjusts to allow for wire stripping compliant with VDE standards. VDE is responsible for the safety regulations of electrical and electronics in Europe as well as in organizations such as the IEC. By designing the pliers to meet VDE compliance, the professional user can be assured that the work that they are conducting with the Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper will be to code.

AWG for the tool is 24- 10 with no reach or RoHs. The tool does allow for fine tuning adjustments with the zero correction blade settings. Primarily, this function is used when large temperatures or material differences arise when conducting a job.

Simple yet powerful

The Knipex Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper is a simple yet powerful tool for anyone needing to perform electrical work. Whether you are installing a light fixture in a bedroom, routing new wiring to electrical boxes, stripping cables for an electronic device, or preparing the cable wire for another application, this pair of pliers can help.

Knipex tools have the part number clearly printed on the side of the tool This allows for easy categorization within your toolbox as well as quick information should you need to seek any help or support for the tool.  The number for this tool is 12 62 180.

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