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Is The Wera Bicycle Set Worth It? - Sp8tium

Is The Wera Bicycle Set Worth It?

Bicycle use has increased as more people seek cycling and e-cycling as an effective form of exercise. As such, the market for bicycles has increased. There are tweaks and tuning which must occur on the bikes. But working on a bicycle can be difficult. There are various bolts, screws, wires, and gears on a bike. If you are fixing an e-bicycle, you have the additional electrical components and casing to deal with. A Wera Bicycle Set eliminates the frustration of finding the right tool. Read on for a full Wera bicycle set review.

Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce

The main tools in the kit

The key components of the Wera bicycle set are the ratchet and the screwdriver. Made with a Kraftform Ergonomic handle for easy gripping and an anti-roll-off design, the screwdriver provides a pleasant and highly durable addition to the Wera bicycle set. The handle is 78mm long with a bit tip of ¼”, the standard size for adaptable bits in the tool world.

The ratchet has a square peg design and is made of high-quality steel. With a design featuring 6° fine tooth gears, hex plus integration, and compatibility with Wera 2Go, the ratchet is anything but simple. That does not mean that it is difficult to use. The ratchet is made to handle any task quickly and easily, and when coupled with the rest of the 41 pieces, fixing a bike takes no time at all.

Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce

The accessories

You may think that 41 pieces is quite a lot for a bicycle kit, and you would be correct. There are 3 screwdrivers and 39 accompany pieces. Wera wants to ensure that you do not have any component of your bike needing a tool. But Wera also understands that so many accessories can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are not used to using a ratchet or screwdriver. For this reason, all the components have been colour coded according to their size.

Keep in mind that both of the fitting holes for the ratchet and the screwdriver are ¼”. This means that any of the attachments will fit with each tool. The colour coding helps you to quickly conduct repairs or tweaking as necessary. In the kit you notice that you have:

  • Hex bits
  • Cross bits (Phillips)
  • Star bits
  • Flat bits

Besides the bits, you have 7 socket sizes and an extender. Sockets and bits range from 2.5x25mm to 15x23mm. This means that you can not only take the wheels off the bike if you get a flat tire, but you can adjust the cable tension should you find the brakes taking too long to engage or the gears not shifting properly.

Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce

Is the kit worth the money?

At the time of writing this review, the Wera bicycle kit is available here at Sp8tium for £63.99. While elsewhere it sells for up to £80. When you consider the amount of tools and the quality of the tools being offered, it is a really low price. Consider the cost of the standard ratchet. Those average around £20 to £60. If you add on the bit kits, socket set and the screwdriver separately, you could easily end up spending close to £300. With this, you can see that the quantity is worth the money.

 An additional consideration is that if you purchase the tools separately, you will need to know the specific sizes of all the components on your bicycle. As there are several components, the only way to accomplish this would be to measure every nut, bolt, and screw. Clearly, this is not the best solution.

In terms of the quality you can expect from the Wera bicycle set, all the tools come with a limited lifetime warranty. What does this mean? This means that the ratchet and screwdriver are all guaranteed to work for the life of the product. While the bits and the sockets are not covered in this warranty, they will last a long time.

The longevity of the sockets and the bits

Wera prides themselves on creating new solutions for fresh problems. One problem that the tool industry has seen is that bits and sockets quickly wear out. Wera met the challenge of creating durable bits and sockets by creating high impact bits. These bits are inox stainless and diamond coated. Bittorsion and Torsion technology is utilized to extend the longevity.

Sockets are made to be used on the manual and on any compatible power tool. Knurling on the lower end of the sockets enables the tools easy grip feature when used with manual tools. The sockets are also equipped with ball stop groves and take it easy tool finder color coding. Sockets are made from chrome vanadium steel, matt chrome plated.

Easy tote and storage

With so many tools, you may wonder if it would be cumbersome for a bike rider. The answer is no. Wera has designed a small lightweight tote for the Wera Bike Set 3. The textile pouch is surface-friendly, meaning that whether you are bicycling on the road or off, you can work without having to worry about tearing the pouch and loosing sockets.

Bits fold into a plastic storage area which can be easily removed from the pouch. When not in use the slide out provides additional protection for the bits. Sockets are at the bottom of the plastic component with the screwdriver at the side.

Because of the small size of the kit, it can easily be put into a backpack, basket, or bike luggage rack.

Should you buy a Wera Bike Set?

If you are a bicyclist or an e-bike rider, your bike will eventually need maintenance. Flat tires, brake adjustments, and handle realignment are the most common areas. By purchasing the Wera bike set 3, you not only ensure that you have the right tool for the job but also that you do not end up stranded and without the tools to do the repair. Durable, stylish, and fitting into an easy to tote pouch, the Wera bike set is a great buy. It is available here at Sp8tium.

 Wera Tools Rebel Bicycle Cycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set 39pce

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