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Best Power Tool Accessories

Tool accessories are in abundance and it's difficult to pick the brand, type, and function of your tool. Power tools require compatible, durable parts. But don’t worry. We have searched for the best accessories on the market. Below is our top 10 best power tool accessories, which every toolbox should have.

  1. Bosch T 1013 AWP Precision for Soft Material Jigsaw Blade

Bosch T 1013 AWP Precision for Soft Material Jigsaw Blade

Saw bits require an orientation to the material being cut. The blade must be durable to minimize any bending, which would affect the overall precision of the cutting tool. The Bosch T 1013 Jigsaw Blade is ideal for cutting soft materials such as rubber. These blades are not intended to cut metal or other hard materials.  

Made of high carbon Steel (HCS) and with an increased blade thickness, the blade can easily handle cutting depths up to 160mm. The universal shanks make them compatible with most standard jigsaws on the market.

The Bosch T 1013 AWP Precision Jigsaw blades are sold in a pack of 3.

  1. Bosch 76x1x10mm Expert for Inox Cutting Disk

Bosch 76x1x10mm Expert for Inox Cutting Disc 5 pcs.
The Bosch Inox Cutting Disk
is compatible with Bosch’s hand-held angle grinder. The disk is made of aluminium oxide. When in use the disk is does not get as hot as other competitor’s products, making it a safer solution when cutting Inox for prime requirements. Bosch 76x1x10mm Expert for Inox cutting disks meets the maximum safety requirement and is free from sulphurous and chlorinated filters. The design of the disk also helps to minimize sparking when in use (though when grinding metal inevitably, there will be some sparks).

The Bosch Inox Cutting Disk is sold in a pack of 5 and is compatible with Bosch’s GWS 10.8-76 V-EC / GWS 10.8V-76 / GWS 12V-76 professional cordless mini grinders with 10 mm fitting, or with other brands meeting of the same size and fitting)

3.Bosch 100x150mm Sanding Pad Grit 80 for C470

Bosch 100x150mm Sanding Pad Grit 80 For C470 Pack of 10
Most construction jobs require a bit of sanding. Even if it is a minor fix it job around the house, if there is wood involved, you will probably need to smooth out some surfaces. For precision, sanding a multi-tool may be required and for that, you will need specific sandpaper. And when using a power tool, such as the multi-tool, sandpaper tends to go quickly. Thankfully, the Bosch Sanding Pad Grit 80 for C470 power tools comes in a pack of 10.

Grit 80, or medium grade sandpaper, is ideal for finishing bare wood before adding finishing. It is suitable for removing varnish and other minor defects from wood. Bosch 100x 150mm sanding paper should not be used for fine sanding, as 100-120 grit is best suited.

4.Bosch X-LOCK 125mm Universal Dimond Cutting Disc

Bosch X-LOCK 125mm Universal Diamond Cutting Disc
For cutting materials, Diamond coated is the most durable. The Bosch X-Lock 125mm Universal Cutting Disk takes on the hardest of materials, including marble, tile, and even sheets of steel. It is not recommended to use this blade on wood as the cutting teeth necessary for wood cutting are not present. Cutting width for the blade is 2mm, a standard size for this type of blade.

 The Bosch universal diamond cutting disk can function at extra high speeds safely because of the X-Locking Mechanism.

  1. Ryobi RAK05JSBFC 5-Piece Jigsaw blade kit

Ryobi RAK05JSBFC 5-Piece Jigsaw Blade Kit
Sometimes one blade type will not get the job done. This is especially true for larger professional jobs where you may encounter various material types throughout the project. It is more cost efficient to purchase a pack of blades rather than purchase them individually. The Ryobi 5-piece jigsaw blade kit comes with a flush cut wood blade, (2) scroll cut wood blades, and (2) Hard carbon steel standard wood blades.

The Ryobi RAK05JBFC 5-piece jigsaw blade kit has a universal shank, meaning that even if you do not own a Ryobi jigsaw, you can still use their product. It is compatible with any jigsaw on the market.

6.Bosch DIA-TS 76x10 Diamond Abrasive Blade

Bosch DIA-TS 76x10 Best Ceramic Diamond Abrasive Blade
When the floors or the bathroom/kitchen renovations are near completion, many need a new blade for ceramic tiles. Ceramics are a delicate material and require a blade which can execute precision with minimal risk of damage. The Bosch Ceramic Diamond Abrasive Blade can be used on glazed ceramic tiles, marble, and other stoneware. It is not recommended that you use the tile on glass or thickened glass surfaces. With the smooth diamond coated blade, it is hard enough to withstand the friction and stress of stone, but delicate enough to cut through ceramic with no issues.

The Bosch DIA-TS 76x10 diamond abrasive blade is compatible with angle grinders of 10mm, such as the GWS 12v-76.

7.Bosch DIA-TS 76x10 Hard Ceramic Diamond Abrasive Cutting Disk

Bosch DIA-TS 76x10 Hard Ceramic Diamond Abrasive Cutting Disc
While the above blade is good for ceramics, stoneware, and marble, there may be times when you need a blade specifically designed for hard ceramics. The Bosch hard ceramic diamond abrasive cutting disk is extremely durable and able to take on hard ceramic surfaces without sparking or material chipping. Because of the diamond technology, the Bosch ceramic cutting disk can hold a razor-sharp edge for the duration of most projects.

8.Bosch BIM Plunge Cut Saw Blade

Bosch BIM Plunge Cut Saw Blade AIZ 32 APB Wood and Metal

This blade allows exact flush and deep plunge cuts in wood, metal and plastics. The Starlock Snap-In mounting system allows fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. It is suitable for use with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as other commonly used multi-tools. The bi-metal combination of a high carbon steel blade and high speed steel teeth resists wear and heat, ensuring a long life for the blade.

9.Bosch T144D Jigsaw Blades

Bosch T144D Speed For Wood Jigsaw Blades Pack of 5

These jigsaw blades are perfectly designed for straight and very fast cuts in wood, OSB and plywood. Designed for use with Bosch jigsaws. It is made of high carbon steel to ensure a long life.

10.Bosch Self-Cut Speed Spade 7-piece Set + Extension

Bosch Self-Cut Speed Spade Bit Set 7-piece + Extension

This set is ideal for rapid drilling in various materials including soft and hard wood, plasterboard and light building materials. The spade shape means that chip removal is super fast and very efficient. Under test conditions these bits were able to create holes 10 times faster than conventional spade bits.

How should these accessories be used?

When using any of the best power tool accessories, it is strongly recommended that you follow the guidelines listed with the brand of tool you are using. As each tool is different, ensure the compatibility and the safety features of the tool to work with the accessories. Always wear protective eyewear when operating cutting power tools, and if needed, seek training before using.

What other accessories are the best to own?

Besides the tools listed above, investigate bits, extenders, and sockets for your tools. Choose only the best accessories for your tools, as substandard selections may cause power and standard tools damage if fitted inappropriately or if the accessory is non-compatible.

Wera, Bosch, and Ryobi products are a splendid solution for any of those needs. Built to withstand high impact, diamond coated, and colour coated to ensure that you match the right accessory with the correct tool, they make for an impressive addition to any tool bag.

You can shop our entire power tool accessory collection here

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