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Are Knipex Tools Worth It?

Knipex is a premium brand known the world over. When viewed beside their competitors, their line of tools offers the same or better quality in terms of make and performance. But consumers may wonder if purchasing knipex pliers are worth it. We think so and here is why.

Quality focused manufacturing

When you purchase a pair of pliers, you do not want to have to make a purchase each time you perform a job. The pliers must be well crafted to meet the needs of the project and to stand the test of time. Knipex pliers are specifically designed to last. The joints, nose, and handles are all crafted to maximize usability and durability. Specifically:

  • Pliers are formed with tight tolerances and made to ensure that they comply with modern manufacturing standards. These standards are checked regularly throughout the forging process to minimize the chances of defects within the product.
  • Machining is performed by over 400 machines which are adapted to meet software and technology evolutions. While some machines are fully automated, many are manned by highly trained individuals who have a passion for creating a quality product.
  • Pliers are tested with measuring and long-term testing systems. Stress testing is also performed to validate the durability of the product.
  • New plier conceptualizations make for better working tools. The goal is to provide solutions to every variable a job can present. While they produce the “standard” pliers, they also thrive on creating new solutions (such as elongated handles to reach those hard to reach nuts and bolts in an automobile).
  • Manufacturing is controlled vertically, nearly at 100%, to ensure quality and improvements are implemented properly.


Knipex Cobra 87 01 250 Hightech Water Pump Plier 250mm

Building Knipex Pliers shows quality

Knipex pliers use the best materials to make their pliers because each component is important for the function and the feel of the tool. A tool that is well crafted but does not feel well in the hand is a tool which will not be used. Knipex understands this and balances the structural design, aesthetics, and comfort. When constructing their pliers:

Handles are constructed from plastic coatings made from a liquid plastic compound. This allows the handle to stick to the metal without slippage or shifting of the grip material. This material helps to reduce user strain, meaning fewer blisters on the hands from abrasions and repetitious. Some handles are made from multi-component sleeves. These sleeves are glued during assembly and are available in the VDE and ASTM insulated versions. Electrical VDE and ASTM pliers are guaranteed at 10,000 volts.

Nose and handle construction is made from rolled steel coil. The coils are cut to length and pressed. After pressing the metal is forged. Because of the round coil used in the press, there is a shorter heating time, resulting in less stressed material and a stronger formed pair of pliers. Laser cutting is used to ensure precision on teeth formation and to add finer details to the metal. Abrasion coating and water pumping is used to remove any defects from the forging process prior to lasering.

Beyond the materials used and the process in which the pair of pliers is formed is the dedication to quality. Each pair of pliers is tested to ensure that they meet performance standards. The team of workers at Knipex relies upon both their expertise and the top calibration machinery, software and technology when testing their products. No pair of pliers is sold unless they pass all regulation and additional in-house standards.


Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Wire Stripper 180mm

Is it worth purchasing a single pair of Knipex Pliers?

A pair of Knipex pliers is worth purchasing. As seen, how each pair of pliers is formed is well above the industry standard. The quality of the plier is superb, and the longevity is high. Knipex is so confident in their design and manufacturing process that all their pliers have a lifetime limited warranty. Knipex Tools has stated that:

“Knipex Tools LP will repair or replace any tool, which after examination, is determined by Knipex Tools LP to be defective in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the tool”

With a guarantee to towards the tool working properly as well as to the overall construction of the pair of pliers, there is really no situation where a person looses from purchasing a pair of Knipex pliers. While it is unlikely that you will have any issues with the pliers, should something be amiss, you can always get a replacement under this warranty.


Knipex 86 03 250 Plier Wrench Plastic Coated 250mm

Are the plier bundles worth purchasing?

Knipex offers a variety of combination packages such as the 9k 00 90 94 US Cobra Combination Cutter and Needle-Nose 4 piece set and the 00 20 07 US 3 Piece Alligator Pliers set (7, 10, & 12). When looking at the price point, most of the packages offered give a slight discount over purchasing each pair of pliers separately. Price point aside, the packages offer the purchaser a diversity of tools for various professions and hobbies including:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Industry
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture

In many of these professions, it is essential to have tools of various sizes and functions. For example, an electrician may require clipping pliers, needle-nose pliers, as well as circlip snap-ring pliers. Purchasing a Knipex plier bundle is beneficial to anyone in these professions as they get both a variety of tools necessary for the task at hand, but also the same quality and guarantee that they receive when purchasing individual pliers.


Knipex 71 01 160 CoBolt S Compact Bolt Cutters 160mm

Are Knipex Pliers worth it?

It should not be a question of whether Knipex pliers are worth purchasing. The pliers are exemplary in design and guaranteed. Looking at the alternative, you could find a pair of pliers which are cheaper. However, when you sacrifice quality for a lower price point, you may find that you end up having a higher cost in the end because of re-purchasing. Lower ended tools may lack any warranty to the craftsmanship and functionality, leaving you to find another tool should the performance be substandard.


Knipex 08 26 145 Needle-Nose Combination Plier 145mm


Ensure that you have the best quality product by purchasing a pair of Knipex pliers. Whether you are a professional looking to add the right tools to your tool bag or a hobbyist who wants to have quality tools for their desired craft, Knipex has a pair for you. Are Knipex pliers worth it? Most definitely.

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